Taste Greek natureĀ“s finest

  • 1 x 1lt Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Pressed
  • 1 x 250 ml Balsamic Vinegar with Honey
  • 1 x 40 gr Organic Greek Oregano
  • 1 x 150 gr Fleur de Sel
  • 2 x 250 gr Green Olives from Chalkidiki
  • 2 x 250 gr Kalamatas Black Olives
  • 1 x 500 gr Lentils
  • 1 x 690 gr Roasted Red Peppers
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Pressed

Cold pressed oils are extra virgin oils of superior quality and rich nutritional value. They are considered as the most natural class of olive oil with perfect flavor and taste. Its acidity does not exceed 0.8o. It maintains the strong fruity taste and fine aroma of freshly cut olives. Its unique flavor best highlights the freshness of salads, while acquired tastes that require special mastery like game, roasts and vegetables find their ultimate match.

Balsamic Vinegar with Honey

This balsamic vinegar with honey has a full oak taste, making it the ideal ingredient in meat or fish recipes, fruit, cheeses, pasta, ice creams, marinades and salads with raw or steamed vegetables. Combine it with extra virgin olive oil to boost the flavor.

Kalamatas Black Olives

Kalamata olives have a homogeneous color, fluctuating from chocolate to dark brown-violet. They are compact and crisp with a discreet fruity taste, slightly bitter, salty and dry. They are eaten as an appetizer, used in salads and especially in the Greek salad and used in many recipes.

Green Olives from Chalkidiki

The olives produced by these varieties in Halkidiki are characterized by their large size with a great proportion of flesh, bright green to greenish-yellow colour, fine fruity aroma and slightly bitter/spicy taste, lacking the sense of greasiness found in other varieties. These unique organoleptic characteristics are the result of centuries of adaptation of these olive trees in the particular soil-climatic conditions of the area, as well as the cultivation techniques applied by the olive growers.

Organic Greek Oregano

Rich in flavor and aroma, oregano from Olympus is one of the highest quality of oregano found on greek mountains. From the mountain of the gods to your kitchen. Enjoy!

Fleur de Sel

100% natural and unprocessed, the purest and tastiest of all salts. The ancient Greeks called it "bloom of salt", meaning the best of salts.

Roasted Red Peppers

Red peppers with thick flesh and sweet taste, containing all their vitamins, hand-cleaned and packed with love. Ideal for salads by simply adding pure virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar with honey, fleur de sel and some olives. Enjoy!


Lentils are delicious legumes and essential to our diet. They have high nutritional value, contain many proteins - comparable to meat - and are a source of fiber and prebiotics, substances that contribute to improved bodily function.

Complementary information

  • Products are carefully packaged inside carton boxes that meet all standards for safe products transfer.
  • Extra care given for fragile items, which are additionally covered with special foaming material.
  • All packing materials are fully recyclable.
  • PacketĀ“s premium character makes it an ideal gift for your beloved ones.
  • Overall package weight is 5,3kg.

Environmentally Friendly

Eco-friendly products and packaging materials, produced with minimal or no harm upon the environment.