Taste Greek natureĀ“s finest

  • 1 x 450g Honey MUSES CLASSIC from Greece
  • 1 x 750g Peach Compote
  • 1 x 120g Cinnamon Cookies
  • 1 x 200g Vostizza Currant
  • 1 x 10 Sticks Relaxing Chamomile Tea. Innovative Product
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Goods included

Peach compote

The peaches are collected at the peak of their collectible ripeness. Cleaned by hand, carefully processed  and conserved in jars with a light syrup. Simple procedures that keep the freshness and nutritional value of these fruits readily available at every season. Measured sweetness of velvety syrup, crunchy pulp, divine taste.

Muses Honey

The rich greek nature provides bees with a unique diversity of plants, from which a series of honey with  unsurpassed aroma and rich taste is produced. This high-quality honey from Halkidiki will undeniably impress even the most demanding consumer. Enjoy the aromas and rich tastes!

Chamomile Tea Teasticks

Chamomile teasticks are one of the most favourite infusion before bedtime. Known for its tranquilizing and soothing properties, chamomile tea helps the body relax after a busy day.

Vostizza currant

The world-renowned currant "VOSTIZZA" is considered of the highest quality, providing excellent aroma and unique taste amongst its distinctive features. "VOSTIZZA" is exclusively cultivated on the semi-mountainous and mountainous areas of Aeghialeia.

Cinnamon cookies

Traditional sweet cookies made with selected raw materials without preservatives. Their production is based on recipes we have created since 1936 and further developed according to contemporary consumer trends. Just delicious!

Complementary information

  • Products are carefully packaged inside carton boxes that meet all standards for safe products transfer.
  • Extra care given for fragile items, which are additionally covered with special foaming material.
  • All packing materials are fully recyclable.
  • PacketĀ“s premium character makes it an ideal gift for your beloved ones.

Environmentally Friendly

Eco-friendly products and packaging materials, produced with minimal or no harm upon the environment.