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Ele Premium Selection is a company made up of specialized executives with years of experience in food production and marketing.

The purpose of Ele Premium Selection is to combine the important features of Greek food products with the modern methods of controlling their production and distribution.

This ensures excellent products with unique flavor at unbeatable prices which it promotes with maximum assurances of quality.

What do we offer

We provide consumers with high-nutrition, natural foods, aiming for the highest quality. This is achieved through our commitment to strict quality and production standards, and the continuous improvement of our range of products through ongoing research, investment in infrastructure and human resources.

Origin of Products

Each product originates from specific areas where best production and quality performance are achieved, within its natural maturation season.

Pure Quality

Processed foods are prepared by applying traditional methods and using only pure materials, avoiding the addition of preservatives and other chemical substances.


Our suppliers are selected on the basis of combined qualitative criteria, while product quality is constantly tested to meet our high standards.

Environmentally Friendly

Among other, a key criterion for choosing a producer is their low energy footprint.

Details are important

Careful packaging and competitive pricing aim to highlight our products and to provide accessibility to consumers.

Combinations of fine-quality goods

Our packets consist of carefully selected natural products that meet high quality standards.


Goods are chosen according to modern nutritional needs, thus satisfying consumers' demands for foods that provide extra benefits to human health.

Ele Premium Selection + Amazon

Collaboration with AMAZON, the world-leading electronic market, for reliable and fast delivery of goods from the time ordered.

Worldwide Shipping

We have the ability to ship and handle products anywhere around the globe.

Certified Quality

Our company is in the ISO 22000 certification process.


Combining premium flavors for a delicious result.

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Environmentally Friendly

Eco-friendly products and packaging materials, produced with minimal or no harm upon the environment.